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The Choir

We join together for fun and friendship, specifically to make music which  entertains us each week, and our audience whenever we have the opportunity to perform in front of one; in the process we raise money for good causes and support various charities.

Our Charity Reference Number is 1129113 and we are proudly supported by Alfreton Town Council.

alfreton male voice choir, The Choir

, The Choir

In the tradition of many male voice choirs our programme contains old, modern and novelty items, with show tunes alongside well known and loved religious pieces, all adapted to showcase the talents of our male voices. So, if you want to have the heart strings tugged, the emotions stirred or just tap your feet and smile, this is what we do. Our musical director Terry and our accompanists Lisa and Michael, inspire us to interpret the written words and music in the manner, hopefully, envisaged by the composer.

In 2015 we were invited to the Royal Albert Hall to perform in The Festival of Brass and Voices under the musical direction of  William Relton and with the famous Cory and Grimethorpe Brass Bands. This entailed a great deal of hard work in preparing for such a prestigious event, but proved to be a most exciting and rewarding experience (it also raises a considerable sum for Cancer Research).

We were invited back for the next Gala Concert which took place in 2018 and, despite the hard work involved, we thoroughly enjoyed the year.

Our solo performer from the baritone section, Mick Mullarkey, has persuaded some of his friends to join in his performance and we have become collectively known as ‘The Saga Louts’;  Mick is on guitar, ably supported by John on ukulele,  Paul on drums (or any litter bin that comes to hand), Ken on  tea chest, Dave on tambourine, Stan on maracas and Harry on kazoo.  Since our early appearances  Dave and Stan have undertaken to learn ukulele and Harry has been elevated to washboard. We even attend fairly regular practice sessions; you never know, one day we may be famous. This lends another dimension to our idea of ‘entertainment’.

Formal concerts are our real love but with a smattering of comedy and laughs along the way.

, The Choir

Carol singing at Ripley Co-op raising funds for the British Heart Foundation.

, The Choir

Choir section ‘The Sagalouts’ busking in Alfreton for Comic Relief.

, The Choir

Proceeds of concerts to worthy causes are our focus.

Ashgate Hospice 2017, NCIU Manchester 2016

, The Choir, The Choir






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