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Thursday 17th February 2022. The  committee.

Back to ‘face to face’ meetings made this a rather more ‘personal’ event than last years’ .
Having said that, it brought very few changes from last year in terms of  officer nominations and appointments, except as follows:-
Alan Randle was pleased to be appointed  President , taking over from George Curley. A Certificate of Achievement was presented to our outgoing President, George,  in recognition of his 34 years (or is it 35?) of tireless service to the choir; George has been the figurehead of the choir and has always been in attendance, where possible, including attending all practices during the  virtual rehearsals during lockdown.  Chairman Mick Mullarkey and President Alan Randle presented the certificate to George and his wife Sue (who has always been by his side through those years ) and George expressed his pride, pleasure and  privilege for his tenure  and wished Alan a long and happy Presidency .

Thursday 18th February 2021. The  committee.

Our virtual AGM took place on Thursday 17th February 2021. Fortunately I am able to use last year’s picture as there are few changes.
Our Vice Chairman Peter Worrall did not stand for re-election of this position and this role has been taken by Harry Gould. Peter was thanked for his contribution over the past year.

Back Row Left to right.
John Stamp (Secretary), John Tate, Chris Bowley Jeff  Clarke, Tony Hopkins (Librarian), Derrick Hesketh, Ken Aspinall, Peter Worrall and  Tom Walden.
Front Row Left to Right
David Smith (Treasurer), Terry Clay (Musical Director) Mick Mullarkey (Chairman) Stan Green (Choir Sergeant and Vice President)
Side picture Harry Gould  Vice Chairman 2021

All positions were nominated, seconded and unanimously confirmed as required by the Constitution.

George Curley, our tireless supporter, was unanimously elected for his 34th year as President.

A precis of the officers reports follow.
Chairman’s Report

Chairman Mick opened by thanking all choir members for their continued support through  the pandemic and marvelled at the way new technology had been embraced. Each of the committee members and musicians (Terry, Michael and Lisa) were thanked for their work throughout the year, particularly John Stamp and David Smith who have been forced to learn new skills and embrace new ways of working.
Mick also paid tribute to those members we lost in the last year; Ron Padley, Dick Sheldon and Bob Chator – may they rest in peace.

Secretary’s Report
I have pleasure in being, a member of, and Secretary of, Alfreton Male Voice Choir. I present my report to the Annual General meeting for the year 2020-21 and what a year it has been.
Since the AGM last year when Covid-19 was starting to loom, I myself was full of doom and gloom. I realise how much Alfreton Male Voice Choir is a family BUT I’ve seen also, how strong the Choir family is. Therefore, I change my opening sentence to:

I have great pride in being, a member, and Secretary, of Alfreton Male Voice Choir. I present my report to the Annual General meeting for the year 2020-21 and what a year it has been.

We retain a membership of 26 choristers; sadly Colin Goodwin has been forced to leave due to illness.
We have retained our staff on part payment within the budget of the choir based upon continuing subscriptions from the choir.
Production of music and video recordings  is allowing the choir to be marketed and remain in the public eye.
We continue to finance ZOOM technology  to maintain our weekly choir practices , our scheduled committee meetings and for thechnicl discussions.

Treasurer’s Report
2020 has been a very different year but, with the work of the committee and co-operation of paid staff,  we are maintaining a reasonably balanced account. Since 2020 had only one concert, the main activity was choir subs and staff pay; extraordinary items were highlighted and noted.
It was put to the choir that an independent audit of the accounts would not be undertaken this year in order to save the expense. We are under the threshold by which HMRC requires this action and it was generally agreed that the accounts distributed to the choir show transparency.

Musical Director’s Report

Another year has quickly passed by, but what a year.
In October 2019 we held a very successful concert with an audience of 150ish and we felt quite overwhelmed. Eighteen months later we have been heard by hundreds more on face book and YouTube. It is amazing to realise how our choir is able to reach all corners of the globe. These are the platforms that we use in the future to spread the wonderful music that the choir produces.
Now we have to congratulate how our members have grasped and come to terms with the new technology. For a great number of the population there has been despair, for others it has been the opportunity to learn new skills.
I think to be able to produce the videos we have is a wonderful achievement and augers well for the future when we all meet up again. With all the parts being put online it will massively make learning that much easier for both public, YouTube and Facebook performance. For this I must give a sincere thanks to Michael for all the hard work he has done to produce the parts.
Thanks to all for the hard work and dedication to get us where we are today and keep ZOOMing.

A full transcript of reports can be viewed on application.


Thursday 20th February 2020. 

The Annual General Meeting of Alfreton Male voice Choir  saw George Curley unanimously  elected as President for his 33rd year and we thank him for his continued support.
Derrick Hesketh stepped down as Chairman after 18 years of dedicated service in the position, for which the choir has been very grateful. Derrick presented his report giving thanks to present and past members and citing words from Psalm 40:3 “He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God”.  He ended with a verse from the ABBA classic, Thank you For The Music (spoken not sung).
Mick Mullarkey was nominated and elected as Chairman and took over the meeting. Mick gave thanks to Derrick and proposed that he be made Vice President and an Honorary Life Member of the choir. The proposal was unanimously carried and Derrick expressed his gratitude and pride for the privilege and looked forward to continuing to enjoy singing and socialising with the choir.
Vice Presidents Stan Green, Colin Thornton and Alan Randle were re-elected.
Secretary John Stamp was  re-elected and presented a report highlighting the hard work and dedication of the committee members, giving thanks to Palmer Morewood for hosting our practices and meetings and listing the engagements of 2019.
Treasurer David Smith was re-elected and presented his report of the years fiscal activity. Income and expenditure has maintained a balance, though this has been made possible by the addition of the bonus ball lottery administered by Ken Aspinall. Our performances in 2019 allowed us to contribute £1,719.00 to charity as well as enjoyment to the audience. 2020 already has a busy schedule  so will, hopefully, enjoy a level of income.
Librarian Tony Hopkins was re-elected and presented a report on the years activity.
There were 5 nominations for Ordinary Committee Members. Although there is only a requirement for 3 members, according to the Constitution, it was agreed that the enthusiasm should be encouraged and all five were elected. See above.




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