Singing in a choir is good for the heart and the lungs; whilst not on the NHS, we believe it should be. When asked if they would like to join a choir, many protest that they cannot sing and/or lack any knowledge of music. You do not need to read music (many choristers will attest to that) and there is no audition process. The dots on the page go up or down the lines, some are white and some are black and that tells you enough to make a start.  Follow the colleagues in your section and away you go. Come and give it a go, you would not regret it (and, we believe, it will do you good). If you are between 18 and 100, you have nothing to lose. It can sometimes, be a little laborious and frustrating when learning new pieces. However, with a little perseverance and patience, the rewards of singing a perfected number (particularly in front of an appreciative audience) are worth all the effort. You may even be able to perform at the Royal Albert Hall – now that’s something worth working for!

Spare a little time on a Thursday evening between 6.45 and 8.30 at Palmer Morewood Memorial Club for a hearty sing and, if inclined, retire to the bar for a little refreshment and fellowship.




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